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The game

Welcome to DOT by GoPlayDOT

DOT is a mobile app game – played in the real world using your phone as a radar! The world is your playground and you are a DOT moving around.

DOT is not played as any other video game, but is played in real life! The game technology is based on GPS information from your mobile phone and as a DOT player, you have to move around physically to be part of the game. DOT resembles the classic game of tag, but combines the well-known game mechanics with elements of geocaching, live-action-gaming and urban exploration. DOT can be played in familiar surroundings by a small group, or on a massive scale encompassing your whole city.

In the game you are a colored DOT. You choose to be one specific color out of three different colors. On your phone you will be able to see the proximity and direction of your fellow DOT players. You must catch and absorb the color from DOTs in other colors by using your DOT boost. The aim is to catch as many DOTs as possible without getting your own color absorbed by another player. Check out our short guide to get started here.

Have fun playing DOT  and please mind your surroundings.

How to play

Playing DOT is really easy. Follow this short guide to get started and you’ll be ready to take on opponents in 5 minutes.
Organizing a game? Download our DOT Field Guide here.

INSTALL the app:

  • Install the app from App Store or Google Play.


  • Turn on GPS and internet on your phone.
  • Open the app.

What you SEE in the game:

  • Your phone is like a radar. It will change as you and fellow players move and turn.
  • You are the DOT in the center of your screen.
  • Fellow players are represented by similar DOTs around you. Their position also depends on where they are in real life.
  • DOTs with same color as yourself are your teammates, different colors are your opponents.
  • Bigger dots are DOTspots that you can claim.
  • A multicolored dot is a DOThome where you can always get your color back.
  • At the top of the screen you see a menu bar with the same color as your team.
  • At the left corner of the menu bar, your current score is shown.
  • At the center of the menu bar, you can see the remaining time of your game session.

You can only DO three things:

  1. Move: You move around in real life to get closer to other players and to DOTspots.
  2. Zoom: You can zoom your radar by using pinch on the screen.
  3. Boost: You can boost by clicking your screen. When you boost your DOT temporarily increases its size.


  • To steal the color from opponents, perform a boost when they are near you.
  • To claim a DOTspot boost when you are inside the circle.
  • You get points for stealing the color from an opponent.
  • You get points for claiming a DOTspot.
  • If an opponent steals your color, your DOT will turn white.
  • If you are white you cannot steal colors or claim DOTspots.
  • You can regain your color if you boost inside a DOTspot with your team color or inside a multicolored DOThome.
  • You can only boost once every 4 seconds.
  • You cannot steal the color of opponents when you are inside a DOThome.

You are now ready to START, so:

  • Click “Play” on the first screen.
  • Enter your name.
  • Keep the pre-selected color or choose your own.
  • Click “Play”.

If you are organizing a game, we recommend reading our DOT Field Guide which explains the game and its elements. Print the Field guide and bring it to the playground.


  • DOT is more fun in a group – bring your family, friends and classmates to the playground.
  • The game will automatically divide players into 3 equal sized teams, however you can still make your own teams by choosing colors.
  • Spread out to different areas of the playground before you start the game –  starting in a big crowd can give some players a head start.
  • Save your battery life and don’t start a game if you are too low on battery. If possible, bring a portable charger to the playground.
  • Please mind your surroundings at all times. Look up and get your bearings and remember that the shortest route is not always the easiest.

Where to play

Find your nearest DOT Playground on the map.

No Playground near you? Request one for your favorite location here.
Find a complete list of all playgrounds here.


A DOT Playground is the virtual gameboard you need to be able to play DOT in real life. Playgrounds are designed by us in close collaboration with you, taking into consideration local geography, board size, number of players, safety and gameplay.

Please request a new playground by submitting your details in the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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